AE Global Link Review

AE Global Link Review

AE Global Link is an online trading platform, which is owned by AE Global Link Company Limited. They claim that they are the most reliable and trustworthy broker, and provide a secure platform to their users. The website of the company can be found at They can contact by email at AE Global Link did not mention most of the details on the company website like the owner’s name, employee details, company address, and contact number. Read more detail about this broker on AE Global Link Review.

AE Global Link Trading Software

Regulated brokers provide MT4 and MT5 trading software for trading, but AE Global Link does not provide MT4 and MT5 trading software to its users. Also, they hide the details about its trading software, it’s a clear indication that AE Global Link broker is involved in suspicious activities.

Is AE Global Link legit or not?

AE Global Link is not regulated by a central authority. They hide the company regulation details, terms and conditions, and privacy policy. They also got a warning from an authority. All the above points show that AE Global Link is not a legit broker and do forex scams, Cryptocurrency scams, or any other scam. It is easy to check whether a broker is regulated or not. Visit the regulator’s site depending on the broker’s jurisdiction, and you can check online if the broker’s name is registered or not. Checking for registration should be important for the investor/trader.

AE Global Link Customer Support

AE Global Link claims that its customer support team is at your service 24 hours a day and five days a week. They always guide and assist the users with their customer support services.

Public AE Global Limited review and Ratings

Brokers Complaint found that AE Global Link got a negative review and low ratings on all the sites. After reading all the negative and positive AE Global Link Reviews, we advise that this broker is not legit. This broker is an unregulated and offshore entity and blacklisted by an authority. Reading all the reviews is important for a user before investing otherwise, scam brokers steal your hard-earned money. A scam broker list of 2021 and 2022 are provided on the website of Brokers Complaint, this will help you to avoid scam brokers.

What to do when you are scammed?

If you are a victim of a scam broker, take quick action against them. Contact your bank and tells them that you are scammed by an online trading broker so they can change your user name and password. Also, file a complaint at the police station about this broker.


Brokers Complaint is always available to help scam victims recover their funds. You can also file a quick complaint against them, fill out the form and submit it. Perform a chargeback as soon as possible. If you have never performed a chargeback or do not know where to start, we will help you in preparing a chargeback case. We regularly update the scam brokers list, it will help you to make an informed decision for your investment purpose.

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