AnlageScout24 Review

AnlageScout24 Review

Company Name: AnlageScout24


Address: NA

Warned By: The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (Switzerland)



AnlageScout24 is an unauthorized and unregulated trading platform that claims to take your investment to the next level. It also claims itself a legal broker, but this is not true. They hide the identity of the website owner and other contact details. For example, the name of the company CEO and CFO are missing, which means it’s a red alert to not invest in this company. If all this information is missing, means the person who is running this platform is a potential scam broker. Anlagescour24 abuses the warning authority and its trading rules, and the services they provide are not correct. If you want to learn more, read the full AnlageScout24 Review.


How does AnlageScout24 contact you?


They can contact you through social media and ads on the internet and ask for your email and contact number. They also ask for your bank details, credit card number, etc. Once you provide all the details, this website offers you to invest a large amount in their trading platform and promises you to make money easily. If you lost the money on this platform, they ask for more money for fund recovery. In the end, you lost all your deposits, and then you realize that you have been scammed by the company.


AnlageScout24 regulation status


AnlageScout24 has held an unregulated status, which means this website is not safe to invest money in them. If a broker has an unregulated status, that shows they don’t have any license provided by the authorities like ASIC, FCA, CNMV, and FINMA. Our website cannot recommend this broker to invest. Collect more information from Brokers Complaint.


Investment with AnlageScout24 is safe or not? 


It’s always taken a risk to invest with an unregulated broker. They don’t have any legal license, and you are cheated by them easily. If you want to invest in AnlageScout24 means your money is not safe in this company.


Fund recovery


If you are an investor in AnlageScout24 and lost all the investment, the company asks you to invest more money to recover your fund. Be alert to these scammers, they can’t recover your fund and take all the money, and nothing you will get back.


Customer Review and Feedback


The key point for a trader is to check customer reviews before investing money in any firm or company. Brokers Complaint hasn’t seen any positive reviews, and feedback from AnlageScout24 that defines they failed to maintain a good image. They are involved in suspicious activities such as forex scams or cryptocurrency scams.



After persuing this review and reading other negative AnlageScout24 reviews it is clear that this broker is a scam.

Brokers Complaint never gives the advice to invest in AnlageScout24 because this company is involved in some illegal activities like forex scams. The company does not have any legal license and hides its company profile means if you invest with them, you have lost all money.

Brokers Complaint helps you get out of this situation if you are a victim of the AnlageScout24 scam. Please fill out a complaint form, and our company will help you with a free consultation. Brokers Complaint always supports finding a lawful and honest broker.

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Author: Brokers Complaint Reporter