Bitcoin Scam

Bitcoin Scams

In a basic sense, cryptocurrency can be called the new age money except in digital form. One of the many modern era inventions, Cryptocurrency has hit new fame with the market soaring high. Now, everyone, young and old, is talking about cryptocurrency. If you are here amidst your research about what exactly cryptocurrency is or you are hereafter getting scammed by Bitcoin Scams, we have good news for you both! This article will not only cover the common types of bitcoin scams that will help you avoid such scams while investing in cryptocurrency but we will also be providing a solution for those who have been scammed. 

Bitcoin is one of the most popular and first cryptocurrencies in the market. A market that soars this high and gains the attention of so many potential investors also has some disadvantages. Scammers and criminals lurking around find the crypto market a perfect opportunity to exploit and scam millions. Be it publicly with various celebrity endorsements or discreetly, these scammers have tried them all. 

Common Kinds of Bitcoin Scams:

  1. Psychological Manipulation

In the case of Bitcoin Scams, the scammer’s motto is to steal the personal information of the users to gain access to their bitcoins. Therefore, physiological manipulation comes in great help for scammers. At instances, they pretend to be a completely different entity such as a government agency, technological support, a famed business, your colleague or a friend from school, etc. to get you talking about cryptocurrency. Afterward, with various tricks, they will extract your personal information from you. 

  1. All is fair in Love

Although this quote has no relevance in Bitcoin Scams but it makes it 100% relevant when we talk about how the scammers pretend to be romantically involved with you in order to get the information. These scammers make thousands of fake profiles on dating apps and talk to people on the pretext of being the person they pretended to be on the dating apps. They continue this for months till the other person feels comfortable and then the scamming begins.

  1. Imposters

Yet another famous type of Bitcoin Scams includes scammers pretending to be famous actors or other celebrities. In such scams, these criminals impersonate a celebrity and roll out a message on the social media pages about how if people send their cryptocurrency in, the celebrity will double it. The style of writing these messages will closely match with the celebrities in order to make it convincing. They also involve a time-limited offer which puts the people under a pressure and they act in a hurry. 

How to avoid Bitcoin Scams?

Staying extremely cautious and alert is the basic step to avoid any type of scam. If you have been scammed by any bitcoin scams, we can help you! Just fill out the complaint form on our page and we will provide you with the most accurate solutions for your easy fund recovery. We are a group of legal experts who are well experienced in handling the process of refunds from scam brokers 2022.

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