Blackpoint Advisors LLC Review

Blackpoint Advisors LLC Review

Company Name: Blackpoint Advisors LLC


Address: 20 Squadron Blvd, New City, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, NY 10956

Warned By: Financial Conduct Authority (United Kingdom)


Located at 20 Squadron Blvd, New City, NY 10956, USA. Its email address is and fax no +1 845 646 4699. It claims to provide services for mergers & acquisitions, financings services, financial services, and other advisory services. Read our Blackpoint Advisors LLC review to know more about this broker.

It is an investment firm that recommends businesses to implement and formulate financial strategies to maximize shareholder value. It typically provides far more alternatives than an investment bank, to generate the highest value results for its clients.

They have professionals with a wide variety of experience hence they are leading financial advisors. Till to date they have accomplished 30 billion financings and sales to more than 275 middle-market companies. Achieved nearly 75 transactions and 30 management purchases till date.

They assist their clients to recognize the best partners by pricing and structuring quantitative measures and other factors like personal compatibility and business culture qualitatively.

They offer their clients vast investment banking experience and industry/sector knowledge to maximize value. They have a history of successful execution in initiating, structuring, and closing corporate finance transactions. It can determine the best transaction strategy and main issues at the start of the engagement. They claim to have a good relationship with prospective buyers, capital sources, financial advisors, and the legal community. This adds trustworthiness to the transaction and leads to an agreed process even in a troubled situation.

They are creative, and have implemented and designed innovative assignable structures, have exceptional corporate control dynamics, and use other non-traditional means to get value-maximizing results to their clients.

Blackpoint Advisors manage the sale process by raising capital from different companies for their clients. They have good contacts and are ‘one-stop’ financial advisors.

There are in the market on daily basis and hence are aware of present market factors like tax rules, financing sources, private group buyers, escrow amounts, survival periods, etc.

Deals are clicked by how things are communicated. Blackpoint Advisors LLC see to it there is a constant movement of information to all the stakeholders involved. The deal cannot be closed until it has the support of all parties involved; hence, they attempt to make sure they have at least one member available all working days of the week for any issue, which may crop up.

Why not deal with Blackpoint Advisors LLC?

  • It is a clone; the original firm is Black Point Advisors LLC. Note the small difference between Blackpoint and Black Point. It is in no way affiliated with Black Point.
  • They are not regulated to conduct business in the UK. They do not have any FCA license to offer their services in the UK but still, they are operating in the UK.
  • Previously they were a forex trading company.
  • Their website is also a near copy of the original www. blackpointpartners .com.
  • Nowhere on the website, have they mentioned who the owners are. Neither there is any information on which all are executive staff members, their qualifications, years of experience, and work distribution/assignment.
  • They are not transparent in their approach. The team structure is not visible anywhere. Things are just being said in thin air without any solid ground.

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