CFD Advanced Review

CFD Advanced Review

Note: Brokers Complaint Community has conducted much research before flagging CFD Advanced as a possible scam in this CFD Advanced Review.


In your entire lifetime, you must have stumbled upon one random spam mail or a call or a message from a person claiming to be with a certain brokerage firm. What follows is a long list of advantages if you choose to make a trade account with their company. These firms offer perks like 100% bonuses, huge profits, and guaranteed daily returns. If these tempting offers have flooded your inbox too, beware of the scam that is hinting at your doorstep. Today, we are going to unveil yet another broker’s red flags. CFD Advanced claims to be one of the decent brokerage firms in town with a deceiving website. Although their words might trick you into thinking CFD Advanced is a regulated website, the red flags we point to in this review will certainly blow your mind. 

About CFD Advanced:

Is CFD Advanced regulated by any of the regulators?

CFD Advanced claims to be owned and operated by another company by the same name CFD Advanced Europe. As far as the parent company is concerned, they claim to have licenses from CySEC and ASIC. However, upon checking on the websites of CySEC and ASIC, we found out that CFD Advanced Europe is not regulated by any of these regulators. From this, it is clear that CFD Advanced is an UNREGULATED firm. You must never trade or invest with any unregulated brokerage firm. 

What trading platform does CFD Advanced use?

CFD Advanced offers their customers a very basic web trading platform that only does the most necessary functions. Unlike MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5, the web trading platform of CFD Advanced does not have any new-age applications for the customers to use. This reveals yet another red flag against the CFD Advanced scam in this CFD Advanced review

What are the payment methods offered by CFD Advanced?

As crazy as it seems, CFD Advanced only offers the customers the liberty to pay with cards, either credit cards or debit cards. No other payment type is accepted by the brokerage firm. IF you think this is weird, you must know that such tricks are adapted by scam brokers often. 

What is the minimum deposit demanded by CFD Advanced?

Although on their home page, the minimum deposit is estimated at 250 USD, when we tried to fill in our user details and make an account with CFD Advanced, it came out to be 10000 euros. This is a huge amount for a brokerage firm to ask as a minimum deposit and indicates a clear CFD Advanced scam. 


To conclude, after taking into consideration all the red flags mentioned above, we can say that CFD Advanced is a potential scam. We warn our readers from trading or investing with this unregulated firm. If you have been scammed by CFD Advanced or any other brokerage firm, you know what to do!

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