Citiglobalmarket Review

Citiglobalmarket Review

Citiglobalmarket Website:

Address: London, United Kingdom & Cyprus & Belarus & Gibraltar

Regulated By: Blacklisted, Scam

Warned By: Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (Cyprus)

Citiglobalmarket professes to be regulated and claims to offer an ideal platform and exchange conditions. They will offer you quick benefits on a little investment before, then compelling you to add a major amount of funds which you will then never see from this point forward!

In this review, we’ll see whether the claims are genuine. Read this Citiglobalmarket Review to know the wide range of issues one will experience while trading with this broker.

Citiglobalmarket Regulation

Citiglobalmarket professes to be approved by the British regulator Financial Conduct Authority and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, yet they never prevailed any evidence. The assertion is misleading. We affirm that Citiglobalmarket is a potential scam as it was blacklisted by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

According to CySEC, the organization is unauthorized to work as a financier business in Cyprus, and they are not even connected with any managed substance. Furthermore, it cautions if the trader loses the money by an unauthorized platform, they are not safeguarded under the Investor Compensation Fund (ICF).

CySEC advises financial backers to check for the blacklisted brokers before leading business with venture companies, to discover the elements which are authorized to give financial services.

Citiglobalmarket Deposits

Citiglobalmarket beginning deposit is $100, but clients can fund the account how much they want. That is not a bad sign, but Citiglobalmarket is an uncovered trick, so there is literally nothing safe with it.

Citiglobalmarket acknowledges Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This is also a warning as Crypto stores are non-refundable. So, if you get victimized by the broker, the chances of recovery are tough.

If we talk about withdrawals, there is nothing to examine as the dealer neglects to give authoritative records. In any case, if they share some data, it would be completely false.

How Does Citiglobalmarket Trick work?

Scams are done in a wide range of ways, however, basically, they are somewhat similar to each other. Normally, the fake plans are enrolled offshore or are absolutely unlawful, which makes it a lot harder to find the tricksters. When you open an account with such an element, you might get some calls from tricksters who may ask you to invest some amount. They will guarantee rewards and benefits and ask you to begin trading ASAP. When you trust them and invest your money, you are probably going to turn into a victim of a scam.

It is better to avoid such a trick to keep your money safe from scam brokers. Check our scam brokers 2022 list to see more such brokers who are involved in scams.


If or other such scamming site offers you investment opportunities or exchanging guidance, the first thing you should do is to check the administrative body and whether they are regulated. If not, they are presumably violating the law and involved in a scam.

These sites are notable for defrauding individuals by guaranteeing risk-free trading and afterward stealing the entire money.

If you are a victim of the Citiglobalmarket scam or any other scam, you can file a complaint here. We help you to document the case against a scam broker. With insightful reports and direction, we can help you fund recovery.

Trading can be beneficial with a genuine broker, but Citiglobalmarket isn’t the one. Keep your funds safe and save rather than lose them to a scam broker involved in Forex Scams, Cryptocurrency Scams, Investment Scams, etc.

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