Coinage Trade FX review

Coinage Trade FX Review: Careful! Coinage Trade FX might be scamming you!

Introduction to Coinage Trade FX Review:

The financial market is a great opportunity for anyone interested in earning a little profit on the side. With many renowned brokerage firms and many more on their way, the financial market has recently been in the limelight for the number of profits it has been getting from the traders. However, everything good has something bad that tags along, and in this case, it is the scammers. Despite several attempts to block them from the market, the scammers have been finding new ways and infiltrating the market in thousands.

We won’t let it happen anymore. With the main motive of helping the scam victims, we work towards making our readers aware of the different types of red flags in a scammer. Today, we will be reviewing a broker by the name of Coinagetradefx. If you are here with the intention of knowing whether Coinagetradefx is a scam or not, read the full review and find out yourself.

Name: Coinage Trade FX
Address: United Kingdom (claimed)
Blacklisted: Financial Conduct Authority
Leverage Offered: Not Disclosed
Minimum Initial Deposit: Not Disclosed
Rating: 1/5

Coinage Trade FX Review:

In this section of the Coinagetradefx review, we will be revealing all the red flags that point us to the reality of the Coinage Trade FX scam. Stay tuned to know more.


Upon checking on the website of Coinagetradefx, we found out that Coinagetradefx claims to have a license from the regulation of their jurisdiction. Now, as Coinagetradefx also claims to be based out of the UK, we checked for the license with the official website of FCA. We not only found that Coinage Trade FX is UNREGULATED but also found another red flag against Coinage Trade FX. This brings us a step closer to the Coinage Trade FX scam in this review.


While checking for regulation, we got to know that Coinage Trade FX is actually blacklisted by the Financial Conduct Authority. Considered as one of the top-tier regulations around the world, FCA stated in their warning that Coinagetradefx is a potential threat and asks their citizens to be aware of the situation. This brings us closer to the scam.

Conclusion: Is Coinage Trade FX a scam or legit?

To sum up, all that has been stated above, we leave it upon you to decide whether Coinage Trade FX is a scam broker or a legitimate one. However, given the fact that Coinagetradefx is blacklisted by one of the top-tier regulators, we request you to steer clear of this potential scam. If you have been an unfortunate victim of the scam, share your scam story with us. Our experts will analyze your complaint and get back to you with the best possible solutions for fund recovery. If you want to read more such scam broker reviews, read our latest on MetaFXTrade Review here.

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