Crypto Asset Investments

Crypto Asset Investments

Crypto Asset Investments: Introduction

Crypto assets are a digital representation of significant worth that you can move, store, or exchange electronically. This additionally includes non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Crypto assets are a subset of digital assets that utilize cryptography to safeguard digital data and distributed ledger technology to record transactions.

Crypto assets are a subset of digital assets that use cryptography to secure digital data and distributed ledger technology to track transactions.

They might leverage an existing platform like Ethereum or their own blockchain. Blockchains are a kind of safe digital ledger that is used to keep track of cryptocurrency transactions. Read more about Crypto Asset Investments.

How to calculate and submit CGT on crypto?

Cryptocurrencies are most frequently used as investments, in which case the crypto asset is a capital gains tax (CGT) asset.

  • capital gain
  • capital loss, which can lower the capital gains you make.

A net capital loss cannot be subtracted from other revenue.

If you keep your cryptocurrency asset for at least a year, you could be eligible to reduce capital gains utilizing the CGT discount.

Determining the CGT event’s timing

A CGT event typically occurs when a CGT asset is disposed of, that could be the case for crypto assets when you:

  • trade a cryptocurrency
  • give a cryptocurrency
  • swap, trade, or exchange one cryptocurrency asset for another
  • Transform a cryptocurrency asset into Australian or foreign money.
  • Make a purchase using a cryptocurrency asset.

Determining your CGT

If you hold your crypto assets as investments, much like other CGT assets, you might have to pay tax on your net capital gains for the year.

  • your total capital gains
  • less any capital losses
  • Less any CGT discounts you may be eligible for on your capital gains.
  • The value of your crypto assets must first be converted into Australian dollars before you can calculate CGT on them.

Using our online calculator and record-keeping tool, you may calculate your CGT. Through ATO online services external Link, you can also gain access to the tool and preserve your information.

Report CGT on crypto assets in your tax return

If you are filing a tax return as an individual or on their behalf and are lodging:

  • Online with MyTax; see Capital Gains or Losses for instructions.
  • On a paper form, go to Part B, “Filling Out Your Tax Return’s Capital Gains Section.”

Go to part C of the capital gains tax guide if the tax return is for a company, trust, or fund.

Crypto chain splits 


A blockchain is a list of all transactions for a certain crypto asset that is made up of blocks.

A new block is consistently added to the chain. There may be a chain split of the blockchain where there are competing versions.

When two or more competing blockchains exist, a chain split happens. Up to the point where their fundamental laws diverge, these opposing versions have a common past.

Chain Split

If a chain split results in you as an investor receiving a new crypto asset (such as Bitcoin Cash being received by Bitcoin holders), the value of the new crypto asset is not recognized as any of the following:

  • ordinary income
  • a capital gain at the time you receive it.

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