Fernbrook Capital LLC Review

Fernbrook Capital LLC Review

Company Name: Fernbrook Capital LLC

Website: https://fernbrookcapitalpartners.com/, www.fernbrookcapitalpartnersllc.com

Address: United States Of America

Warned By: Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)


As per the official website, Fernbrook Capital Partners LLC operates from 300 Park Avenue, New York, USA 10022. Telephones number is +1 646 670 3045. Its email ID: ​Info@fernbrookmgmt.com. The co-founders and managing partners are William F. Detwiller (email: bill@fernbrookmgmt.com) and Marigay Mckee (email: marigay@fernbrookmgmt.com). The associate partner is Takuma M. Riordan (email: takumamarigay@fernbrookmgmt.com). Read Fernbrook Capital LLC review to get more information about this scam broker.

The website claims that the firm invests in ambitious entrepreneurs. It invests in fast-growing software and consumer companies, which have high potential. They use their operative know-how to help the companies scale. They invest in brands and technologies of tomorrow. They know that the consumer demands seamless e-commerce execution and new products performance, along with an impactful, inclusive, and emotional experience.

Apart from software, they are into beauty, wellness products, food and beverages, home use items, and wearable.

Fernbrook Capital Partners LLC is not a registered firm

Anybody who wants to do business in the UK has to be authorized by FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). The business can be providing the product or financial services. Fernbrook Capital Partners LLC is not authorized by the UK but is conducting its business in the UK. It is targeting the UK public. While dealing with Fernbrook you will not have access to FOS (Financial Ombudsman Services and neither you are protected by FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme). In case you receive sub-standard material or services, you are unlikely to get your money back.

On the FCA website, the address mentioned of the firm is 250 Park Avenue, New York, USA, 10177. The telephone numbers mentioned are +13159730006 and +16313090433. Fax number +13153534012. At the FCA site, there are three email IDs of the company fernbrookcapitalpartners@gmail.com, info@fernbrookcapitalpartners.com, and info@fernbrookcapitalpartnersllc.com. There are two websites mentioned on the FCA website www.fernbrookcapitalpartnersllc.com and https://fernbrookcapitalpartners.com/.

FCA warns firms may change their contact numbers and may give out other details over a period. The firm can also change their physical addresses, and/or phone numbers. Read, the Fernbrook Capital Partner LLC review on our site before buying any product or services.

Protecting yourself

If you are dealing with firms that are registered and authorized by FCA, you get protection if services or goods are sub-standard or poor-quality products. Before buying, any product or services check the Financial Services (FS) registered. The name of the individual or the company or the firm should be there. That is, ensuring they are registered and authorized. Since Fernbrook Capital Partners LLC does not appear in Financial Service (FS) register, it is an unauthorized firm.

Get help

After reading the review, it is clear that Fernbrook Capital LLC is a scam. Crooks are proficient, skillful, and good at aping organizations, people, and firms. They spend a lot of time exploring and researching you for their frauds, always hoping you will let your guard down. Protect yourself and your money. Take a few moments to arrive at your decision. Think before putting your information and money on their site. If you think it is a fake, simply reject or refuse the offer and ignore any request.  Only crooks will panic or will try to rush you into making any decision.

Crooks are becoming more and more sophisticated day by day to steal your money. They lure you with attractive online offers, telephone calls, or eye-catching email ads campaigns. Avoid public WiFi connection, as it is not too secure.

Check scam broker 2022 for reviews for a list and information on many scams. Do not send money straight away. In case you have paid by direct debit, get in touch with your bank immediately and stop the payment. In case, you have been scammed report to Action Fraud. When you report fraud, the action team investigates and takes required action. They also have a reporting tool for online reporting. You can also report a fraud on FCA’s official website.

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