Forex24 Market Review

Forex24 Market Review


Address: 45 Watling Ct, London, United Kingdom, EC4M 5SH

Warned By: Financial Conduct Authority (United Kingdom), Central Bank of Russia (Russia)


Forex24 Market is a trading platform. It is owned by Forex24 Market Ltd. It is located in the United Kingdom. They can contact you by email at The domain name of the company is The company hides most of the details like the owner’s name, phone number, and members of the company. Read the Forex24 Market review for more detail.

Is Forex24 Market broker legit or not?

Forex24 Market claims that they registered themselves in the United Kingdom. But in our investigation, we found that the local regulatory body of the UK – FCA issued a warning against this broker. According to FCA, they believe that this broker is unregulated and involved in some illegal activities like forex scams or any other scams. They did not provide the necessary information about the company and hides the regulated license on their website. We advise that never trust Forex24 Market broker otherwise, you will lose your money.

FCA and CBR Warning against Forex24

Forex24 Market got a warning from the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) or CBR (Central Bank of Russia). Forex24 Market offers trading and financial services without being authorized to do so. We advise you to stay away from this broker or any unregulated brokers.

How does the Scam work?

Scammers or fraudsters can contact you through social media platforms or online ads run by them. The main goal of the scammer is to attract the user, and then they manipulate you into investing with their convincing power. They convince you to invest a small amount initially and get huge rewards. Once the initial payment is done, they ask for more money to get a good profit. When you realize that they are scam brokers and you are trapped by them it is too late to wriggle out. Later you will come to know that they blocked your account or you cannot withdraw your money.

What to do when you are scammed by Forex24?

If you are a victim of any scam, contact Brokers Complaint as soon as possible. Our professional team has the expertise, knowledge, and experience to contest the unregulated brokers and turn the tide in your favor. First of all, file a chargeback against this broker, we provide a complaint form on our website, fill it out and share it with the Brokers Complaint team. Our team can deal with the scam brokers and get your money back.

Public Review

With this review and pursuing all the negative and positive Forex24 Market reviews, the Brokers Complaint team found that this broker is not legit. They got negative reviews and poor customer ratings on all sites. If you are a trader and want to invest money in any platform, read the scam broker list for 2021 and 2022 provide by our team. It helps you in finding a good broker.


In our research, we found that Forex24 Market is an offshore and blacklisted broker, so we authoritatively advise that you should not invest money with this scam broker. It is better to avoid it otherwise, your funds are at high risk. 

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