FTI Finance Review

FTI Finance Review

Company Name: FTI Finance

Website: http://ftifinance.com/

Address: N/A

Warned By: Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa (Italy)


FTI Finance is an online company owned by FTI Finance. They can contact you by email at support@ftifinance.com, and their contact number is +390240706954, and the website of the FTI Finance Company is ftifinance.com.They claims that they are trusted and the most secure platform and provided its services in more than 130 countries. They also claim they want to upgrade the trading experience and also promise to support the customer at each step. For more details, read the FTI Finance Review.

Company Analysis

When you visit the website and collect all the information, that shows that it is not a regulated company. They hide the owner’s name, and the location is also missing. They also hide the necessary terms and conditions of the company. These points come under a red flag that should be enough to not invest with them.

Awards and Achievements

FTI Finance claims that they have been awarded many titles and mention them on their website. But all the achievements are fake because they do not show when they earned these awards and who awarded them. 

Regulation Status 

Many trading platforms run without any regulated license. FTI Finance is one of them as they do not have any lawful certifications and have also been issued a warning by the authorities. If you are a trader, please do not invest with an unregulated broker.

How can scam brokers contact us?

The starting stage is when you receive a phone call or email about the investment. They put pressure on you by giving great deals that you can’t ignore. In the next step, they ask for a small investment and your bank details. Never trust these calls and emails, as these are great opportunities for forex scam brokers to steal your money.

Public Review

Before investing in any platform, reading a public review is the main factor for an investor. After following this review and reading all other negative FTI Finance Review, we know that this broker is likely involved in a scam. We always advise the traders not to invest money with them. 

Things to do if you got scammed by a broker

If you lost your money in a forex scam or cryptocurrency scam, the first thing to do is a chargeback. It is a helpline service that is available 24/7 for customers. The next step is to contact your bank and tells them that you were scammed by an online broker and ask them to change your user name and password.  

Final thoughts

According to the Brokers Complaintthere are too many complaints from traders against scam brokers. Read all the details before investing in any trading platform because fraudsters steal your money and do a forex scam. If you ever get scammed by any broker, be patient, and do not lose hope. We always help you out of this situation and recover your money. You have to do nothing, fill out a form, and our team will help you recover your fund.

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