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Traders trade offline as well as online. Those who trade online are more vulnerable to scams compared to those trading offline. In their lifetime they would have been scammed once. Well, you are not one and only who has been scammed. Some countless investors/traders have been ripped off by billions of dollars every year to scams.  


There are many common scams as well as sophisticated scams taking place around the world. Amount wise financially scams that happen online are big and frightening. Online scams are not only dangerous but are also rampant.


Online scams happen so fast, that by the time you realize it; money gets debited from your account and credited to the scammer’s account.


When a trader or investor is scammed he/she does not know what to do, whom to approach. He/she is apprehensive, whether he/she will get the scammed funds back or not. As the location of scammer can be anywhere. He can be located overseas or in the same country. Well cool down, don’t get frustrated. We at Brokers Compliant are there to help you.


There are many fund recovery services available in the USA. What sets us apart is we are a trusted firm facilitating and simplifying services of fund recovery. We have the best legal advisors and lawyers. Our team consists of legal authorities, experienced traders, cybercrime analysts, and officials with knowledge of the financial market. We help people who have been cheated and deceived by unregulated brokers and scammers.


There is a common misunderstanding among investors and traders that scammed money cannot be recovered. There is likelihood that the money you lost to scam can be recovered by good guidance.



Funds Recovery USA


Every nation has a set of rules and regulations to protect its investors/traders from scams. But scammers are many times one step ahead of the law.


The scam reporting agency in the USA is the Federal Trade Commission. FTC is the central agency that gathers scam reports. You can call (1-877-382-4357 or 202 326-2222) or report it on the website . Its headquarters is at Federal Trade Commission, 600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20580


For more information you can contact Brokers Complaint or search the list of scammers, or take a look at the brokers’ review.

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Brokers Complaint is a team of Fund Recovery Experts. We have helped scam victims recover millions of dollrs from Forex Scams, Cryptocurrency Scams, Bitcoin Scams, Investment Scams, Pet Scams, Tax Scams, Pension frauds, Dating/Romance Scams and all other scams.We have more than 10 years of experience in this field. We offer a Free Consultation when you file the complaint with us. SO you can throw your trust upon us.