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Fundwise Capital Review: Is Fundwise Capital a scam or legitimate?

Introduction to Fundwise Capital Review:

Imagine you are thinking of entering a new stage of life and are in need of some money. You do some searches on google as to where you should ask for money. Soon enough, calls start flooding in asking you to take the loan from their firm or company. One of these calls seems fairly interesting and you decide to apply for it. In the procedure, they ask you to submit some money as a security deposit. Although it is slightly big, you do it in hopes of getting the loan faster. After giving the money and the personal information needed for the “legal formalities’ they vanish. You try calling the firm or the assistant who helped you through all of this but to no avail. This is when you finally realize the scam you are trapped in. Want this to happen to you? Being scammed is nobody’s first choice but we certainly are. At Brokers Complaint, our customers are our first priority. With regular reviews on scammers and by helping the scammed customers in fund recovery, we believe in keeping our customers safe. If you are here with the intention of knowing whether Fundwise Capital is a scam or not, read the full Fundwise Capital review to find out.

About Fundwise Capital:

Who is the founder of Fundwise Capital?

Fundwise Capital claims to be founded in 2013 in Utah by Leo Kanell. Although the founder seems to have a LinkedIn page and other companies, it still doesn’t imply that Fundwise Capital is legitimate. You should also read fundwise partners reviews.

What is the minimum deposit demanded by Fundwise Capital?

Although the motto of this company is much different than scam brokers, they still ask for a minimum deposit or a security deposit. The security deposit demanded by Fundwise Capital is $500 which is a very huge amount. This is certainly a red flag in this Fundwise Capital scam review.

What does Fundwise Capital exactly do?

Fundwise Capital claims to be the intermediary between the banks and people. They help their customers in getting the best loans and interest rates possible. What do they get from this? Fundwise Capital asks for 9% of the total funding obtained by you through them apart from the 50 USD demanded before.

Why don’t we like Fundwise Capital?

One of the major reasons why we don’t like Fundwise Capital is because they have hidden a lot of information from the customers which are vital and should be provided. Hiding information from the public is a clear indication that there is something wrong with the company.

Conclusion: Is Fundwise Capital a scam or legit?

To sum up, all that has been stated above, we leave it upon you to decide whether Fundwise Capital is a scam or not. After persuing these fundwise reviews, that being said, we recommend our readers to stay away from Fundwise Capital as it is a potential scam. There are many victims who have filed fundwise capital complaints. If you are a victim of the Fundwise Capital scam, just file a complaint with us and we can help you out. After our team analyses the complaint, we will get back to you with the best solutions possible.

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