FX Trade Espana Community Review

FX Trade Espana Community Review

Read about the FX Trade Espana Community scam in this FX Trade Espana Community review.

Website: https://fxtradeespanacom.com/

Address: 123 Disney Street Slim Av. Brooklyn Bridge, NY, New York, USA

Warned By: Financial Conduct Authority (United Kingdom)


FX Trade Espana Community is an online trading company, and it is owned by FX Trade Espana Community. It is located at 123 Disney Street Slim Av. Brooklyn Bridge, NY, New York, USA. The website of the company is fxtradeespanacom.com. They can be contacted by email at support@fxtradeespanacom.com and phone number at +447341193445. Read a complete FX Trade Espana Community review to know more about this broker.

FX Trade Espana Community regulation status

They claim to be an online FX and CFD broker regulated by the American Securities and Investments Commission. But there is no institution by the name of the American Securities and Investments Commission that exists at all. That means the claims of the FX Trade Espana Community are false. They also got a warning from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). According to the FCA “we believe that this broker may be providing financial services in the UK without our authorization”. All these points show that FX Trade Espana Community might be involved in some illegal activities like scams, or they might be a scam broker. We suggest you take the warning seriously and stay away from this broker or any unregulated broker.

FX Trade Espana Community Trading Software

The most legitimate broker offers the MT4 and MT5 trading platforms, these are currently the most popular platform among the users. But FX Trade Espana Community does not provide access to any sort of platform. No MT4 and MT5 or any other trading platform has been seen, when we logged in to an account.

How does the FX Trade Espana Community scam work?

Fraudsters can contact users via social media or through online ads and convince them for investing an initial deposit. They make a fake promise to double your investment. These tricks always work for inexperienced traders. After that, they ask for a big amount of money for investment. Later at the time of withdrawal of money, users realize that they are the victim of a scam broker and the scammer has stolen all the money. We always advise users never share their details like account numbers without checking the regulated certifications of a broker.

Customer Review

FX Trade Espana Community got negative customer reviews and feedback on other sites. After reading all the positive and negative FX Trade Espana Community reviews, Brokers Complaint found that this broker might not be legit for investing. It’s better to escape from this broker or any other unauthorized broker. Brokers Complaint provides a scam brokers list of 2021 and 2022 on our website that helps you to avoid such scam brokers.


Trading with an offshore or unregulated broker is never safe, and your funds are always at high risk. If, you are a victim of an online scam, you can file a chargeback for fund recovery. Fill out a complaint form on our website. Our experts will provide you a free consultation, and we will guide you in the process of fund recovery.

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