Genius Asset Review

Genius Assets Capital Review: Is Genius Assets Capital worth investing in?

Introduction to Genius Assets Capital Review

With the new generation being increasingly woke and digitally oriented, the bridge to inculcate cryptocurrency has been gapped. Cryptocurrency is one of the best ways to invest your money and earn profits on the side while hustling with a full-time job. It not only gives the user the opportunity to earn more but security is a major incentive when it comes to digital-based trading. However, not all that shines is gold and that is why we, Brokers Complaint,  are here with scam broker reviews so that you are protected from the evils of the trading world.

Genius Assets Capital came with a full bang. A dedicated and aptly designed website took us to the blind for a while. However, all the lies hidden behind the beautiful graphics soon came to unfold.

About Genius Assets Capital Review

Another company in the blockchain technology world, Genius Assets Capital attempts to create a sweet impression on the internet and lure in potential and innocent customers. Read the full Genius Assets Review to know why we think Genius Assets Capital is not what they claim to be.

Founder of Genius Assets Capital

Upon being redirected to the website of Genius, we were taken aback at how Genius has put up photos and information of its board members and managers on its website. However, a little digging by our team on the founder of Genius Assets Review revealed all their secrets. Genius is apparently founded by a man called Claudio Buda. The website claims the founder to have 13 years of experience in this field and also praises him for building his community in 17 different countries. A man with this many credentials accredited to his name must be famous right? No. Claudia Buda does not have a profile on LinkedIn. An image search with his photo from the website revealed that the photo is of a random model that is being used by a lot of companies that claim this man to be their founder.

Ways to Contact Genius Assets Capital Review

Almost all legitimate companies have a customer support team specially dedicated to catering to the queries and needs of their customers. However, Genius does not have one. Upon being redirected to their contact page, we were expected to fill out a form and wait for them to get back to us. This is a very common step among scammers as they leave no trace that could reach them.

FCA Warning!

To add to all these red flags, Genius has also been called out by one of the famous regulatory authorities operating in the trade market. The Financial Conduct Authority issued a warning against Genius Assets Capital on the 29th of April this year stating Genius to be an unauthorized firm. Furthermore, the regulator has also asked their citizens to stay away from this potential scam broker.

Is Genius Assets Capital a scam or not?

After reading all about the red flags posed by Genius, we leave it upon you to decide whether Genius Assets Capital is a scam broker or not. However, we request you to be extremely cautious if dealing with Genius Assets Capital Review. If you have been scammed in the past by Genius or any other broker, file a complaint with us by filling out the form given on the website and we will help you in getting your fund back. For more such scam broker reviews, stay tuned to Brokers Complaint as we publish one review every day. Stay safe and flourish in the trading world with Brokers Complaint.

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