Global Pegasus Ltd. Review

Global Pegasus Ltd. Review

Company Name: Global Pegasus Ltd.


Address: N/A

Warned By: Portuguese Securities Market Commission (CMVM)

Why people are attracted to the forex market?

The forex market is one of the most money-spinning markets for ambitious traders because it offers very high returns. The ever-growing forex market has made space for forex frauds too. Scammers pitch you with unrealistic and jaw-dropping offers. Read our Global Pegasus Ltd. review to know more about this broker.

Everybody knows that trading in the stock/forex market is full of risk. However, there are people out there who will try to target unsuspecting investors/traders to open an account with them and trade in currencies (forex). Global Pegasus Ltd. is one of them.

Our impression of Global Pegasus Ltd.

Irrespective of the trading conditions provided by Global Pegasus Ltd we do not advise you to trade. The official site (not working at present) of the broker represents everything in the right light. You will see amazing features and the best services on offer. Almost everything is at a very competitive price. Opening an account and making the initial deposit. Things start getting ugly when you start working with the broker. Once the broker gets your money, he starts creating one issue after the other and tries to squeeze as much money as possible from you. You feel like you will be losing your money (investment).

Most traders/investors do not see both sides of the coin. They do not research the pros and cons of the broking company and end up being scammed by the broker. It is at all times better to study the brokerage platform in detail to avoid any problems in the future.

Is Global Pegasus Ltd. is trusted and honest company?

In the initial stages, you may not realize these points since your sole intention is to earn money.

Brokerage firms offer more services than just placing an order. Many offer you very high and unrealistic margins. Many brokerage firms do not have a good track record and many are not trustworthy. Many a time the company does not exist physically apart from its website.

Traders who want to sell currencies have to go through a ‘hold period’. Fraud companies misuse this period for their benefit. The prices shown on their site is quite different from the real price movements.

Complaints regarding Global Pegasus Ltd?

Global Pegasus Ltd has been operating for a long time and there is a lot of feedback from its client. The company is registered with low-profile regulators. This forex broker is licensed by the VFSC. Most of the scam brokers are registered by VFSC

How Global Pegasus Ltd contacts you?

You will receive a communication out of blue and at first; it is not possible to verify where you got it. They try to communicate with you through email, SMS, text, or any social media.

Communication will be simple and request you to perform a certain task. Such that they try to get your personal information.

Most of the communication will have spelling and grammatical mistakes. The communication will contain a link that you will be requested to click urgently. It will be for a limited time. Upon clicking the link, the home page of Global Pegasus Ltd will open, which will have amazing offers.

How does Global Pegasus Ltd scam you?

  • Global Pegasus Ltd will block your account. In other words, you will not be able to log in.
  • It may even freeze your account.
  • If you are successful in opening your account you will note there is zero balance in your account.
  • There are chances that the site may not work.
  • Your phone goes answered.
  • No official from the company will be ready to answer your questions.
  • The company offers you a bogus bonus.
  • They may request you to deposit more money to recover the lost money.
  • Note that the website does not contain “https” and there is no padlock icon in the address bar. Thereby meaning the site is not secured.

The first and most things are to seek professional help if you cannot handle things on your own. Brokers Complaint has a team of professionals who deal with such types of cases on a routine basis. If you are a victim of the Global Pegasus Ltd. scam or any other scam and want to discover more about the scam brokers, you can fill Complaint Form.

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