Goldridge Investment Limited Review

Goldridge Investment Limited Review


Address: 1 Koheroa Road, Rd 2, Mercer 2474, New Zealand

Warned By: Financial Markets Authority (New Zealand)



Goldridge Investment Limited is an online trading broker, which is owned by Goldridge Investment Limited. The company is located in New Zealand. They claim to take your finances to the next level. They can contact you by email at The website of the company, can be found at Read more about this article in the Goldridge Investment Limited review


How do the scams work? 


There are so many fraudulent ads present on the Internet and social media. Once you click on the ads and provide them with your details like, email, account details, and contact number, they will call you immediately. They ask for an initial deposit, and in return, they promise you to make a good profit with them. If you lost on the market, they ask for more money to fund recovery. Don’t trust on them they are scam brokers, and before you realize this, they steal all your money. We advise you to never share your bank account details with them, otherwise you will get in trouble. 


Is Goldridge Investment Limited legit?


If you are searching for a trader for conduct your trading activity, the first and most important point, is to check the certifications of the broker. If you are trading with an unregulated broker, that means they are a scam broker, and your money is not safe with them. According to Brokers Complaint Goldridge, Investment Limited is not a legit broker because they don’t have a regulated license which is provided by the central authority.


Warning issued by FMA


Goldridge Investment Limited got a warning from the authority of New Zealand – Financial Markets Authority. According to FMA, this broker is an offshore entity and blacklisted by them. Investment with Goldridge Investment Limited is not safe because they are scam brokers and do cryptocurrency scams, forex scams, or any other scams.


Are funds safe with this broker?


Goldridge Investment Limited is an offshore trading platform. Your funds will be never secure if you are investing with an offshore or unregulated broker. Brokers Complaint never recommend this broker, otherwise you will be lost all your money.


Customer review and feedback


Reading the customer reviews and feedback of a broker is most important for those who are new investors and searching for a trading platform. Brokers Complaint haven’t seen any positive review on any site. According to research, and investigation of Brokers Complaint, we found that Goldridge Investment Limited is not authorized by a regulated authority. Brokers Complaint provides a scam broker list of 2021 and 2022 on our website that can help you to avoid such scam brokers.


Final Thoughts

We advise you to stay away from this broker or any unregulated broker because they are involved in scams, and your fund is not safe with them. If you are a victim of any scam Brokers Complaint helps you with free consulting services. We are dealing with scam brokers in our investigation. For chargeback, we provide a complaint form on our website, fill out a form and send it to us. Brokers Complaint team managed the rest of the things.

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Author: Brokers Complaint Reporter