Avoid Scam

How can investors avoid scam?

By performing a few safety checks, general common sense, awareness, and alertness, you can avoid bad investments and a majority of scams. Present-day scams are more widespread, rampant, lethal, prevalent, predominant, and dangerous. Though certain checks and balances will save you a lot of heartaches, headaches, worries, and financial losses later on in your life.

Before you invest your hard-earned money anywhere, here is the checklist for you.

Check if the product issuer or company or broker is licensed

There is a lot of information on the net regarding companies. Check details about the company or product issuer or broker on various sites. You can read reviews and opinions about the broker on “Broker Complaint” where they have the latest list of scam brokers reports. You can also find reviews of real scam brokers. You can also use Australian Service & Investment Commission (ASIC) website to check if the product issuer or company or broker is licensed or not. If the name is not on the list, better you do not invest with that company. ASIC is a professional register search.

Keep your eyes open to scams and get rich quick schemes

Be cautious of the uninvited, unwanted, and unwelcomed investment offers. Question yourself: from where did the scammers acquire your details/data and why they are communicating with you for the investment opportunity. Scammers usually communicate via phone calls, email, social sites, etc. If you do not have any proper explanation for the question, then do not invest.

Ponder over how the investment works.

If the salesperson is unable to explain to you clearly how the investment works or you do not understand its flow, do more research on the internet or from other origins and sources. If you are clear then only invest otherwise a big NO.

Evaluate how much risk you are taking

Be suspicious of those investments that promise high and quick returns on your investment. Technically speaking, high returns on low investment. Putting it into other words if returns are high so is the risk of losing your whole investment too. Be aware of such schemes. Always weigh risk and rewards before developing any conclusion.

Read completely the product disclosure statement

Read and understand PDS clearly. The PDS is a document that every finance service provider must provide you. The service provider must provide you with these documents when they offer or recommend their financial product(s). It usually includes information regarding key or salient features, the applicable fee, commission to agents, benefits that you will derive from your investments, and the accompanying risk factors associated. Also mentioned is the system and procedure of complaint handling of your financial investment. Look for the asterisk mark and understand clearly what are the conditions mentioned. The conditions mentioned will mostly be in very small font size (mostly unreadable) printed at some corner.

Get the help of some professional if you do not understand

Before opting for investment, if you have not understood plainly the financial document, it is better to get some professional help. One who can clearly explain to you the risk and rewards which you are entitled to, in a layman’s language, not in technical or commercial language, after all, at stake is your hard-earned money.

What steps will you take if you have already been scammed? Immediately get in contact with Brokers Complaint. They will pay attention to you and help you out of the situation.

Will you be able to recover your funds completely? Yes, depending on the case and time lag, almost 95% of your fund can be recovered.

Brokers Complaint deals with investment or financial scams. If you have any complaints, feel free to inform your concern case. They try to get results as soon as possible. Your one complaint will alert many individuals and can avoid being getting scammed. You will be able to recover your lost funds too.

Scams can be of any type, any variety, of any scale, and can take place anywhere. Scams can be like Investment scams, cryptocurrency trading scams, forex scams, binary trading scams, pension scams, etc. Every investor is exposed to scams day in and day out.  For any type of scam, “Brokers Complaint” is a one-stop solution.

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