Invxsler Review

Invxsler Review 2022

Note: Brokers Complaint Community has conducted much research before flagging Invxsler as a possible scam in this Invxsler Review.

This Invxsler review is reported here after a lot of investigation done by Brokers Complaint Team. As weird as this name sounds, Invxsler claims some weird things as well. Invxsler claims to be one of the top-class brokerage firms with tailor-made accounts for their valuable customers from all around the world. However, being in this field for years, we know this might not be the case with Invxsler. If you want to know the truth behind the legitimacy of this broker, read the full Invxsler review to find out more.

Why do we think Invxsler is a potential scam?

 Is Invxsler regulated by any official regulations?

On its website, Invxsler claims to be based out of the UK. It has also provided a specific address in the UK – “30 Churchill PI, London, United Kingdom, E14 5EU”. It has also provided two phone numbers that the company claims belong to the support room and the trading room. However, upon investigating the address and the phone number, we found out that no such company exists at the address given and the numbers too are fake. From this, it is clear that Invxsler is clearly hiding something from their so-called valuable customers.

Furthermore, Invxsler has been blacklisted as well. One of the top-tier regulations around the world is the Financial Conduct Authority, whose acronym is FCA. This regulatory body rolled out a warning against Invxsler stating that Invxsler does not have a license from the FCA like it claims and is a potential scam. It also warns the citizens of its jurisdiction about the dangers posing against Invxsler.

What is the leverage offered by Invxsler?

Yes, we know you may have a hard time saying no to higher leverages due to the chance of winning more profit from the trade. However, what customers often miss is the threat involved in higher leverage. Due to the greater risk posed by higher leverages, various regulations have limited the brokerage firms under them to offer leverage as much as 1:30 and 1:50. In the case of Invxsler, The company offers leverage starting from 1:200. This might not look like a great number right now but the risk associated with this will surely result in something else.

Invxsler Review: Minimum deposit 

As you might know by now, the minimum deposit should always be charged in low amounts in order to reduce the burden on the customers. However, scam brokers do not stick to these rules. They levy huge minimum deposits from the customers to increase the amount of money stolen from them. Where regulated brokerage firms demand a minimum deposit of $5 to $10, Invxsler demands a minimum deposit of $250. It is clear that Invxsler is up to something wrong. Thereby raising various red flags in this review.

Invxsler Review: Conclusion

To conclude, our research team states that Invxsler is a potential scam. Even if these red flags and facts are not enough to convince you, the blacklisting by one of the top-tier regulators should be enough to demotivate you from trading with Invxsler. If you are a victim of Invxsler scam or any other scammer, we will help you out. Just fill in the form and wait for our reply!

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