MaxCryptoTrade Review

MaxCryptoTrade Review


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Brokers Complaint is always looking for different scam brokers present in the market as well as the new emerging scam brokers to warn traders. Through MaxCryptoTrade review our aim is to warn traders not to trade with this broker because this broker is suspected to be a scam according to the research done by our team. 

Introduction to MaxCryptoTrade

Max Crypto Trades is an automated trading robot that trades in different cryptocurrencies like Ripple, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, etc.

The website was launched way back in 2016. The company claims there are thousands of happy customers who use Max Crypto Trades daily. Do you think it is true?

MaxCryptoTrade Review of the scam company

The domain was established in Aug. 2017 and not 2016 as the claim on their site. You can check these details on the WHOIS website. The MaxCryptoTrade is telling lies and anyone can easily verify with facts and figures. Even it is not confirmed whether MaxCryptoTrades is the real user. The so-called customer photos that are shown can be found at any stock –photo site.

On the website, there is no mention of the owner or CEO of the website. The scammers try to remain anonymous as this makes it harder to trace them when regulating authorities launch a crackdown.

By being anonymous, it shows that the website is not professional. It also proves that they are scammers, as genuine soft developers want legitimate business. As a trader or investor, you should know these small and little facts.

Avoid these types of websites at all costs. Because if you give them your information and they fail to register you, they will use your data to spam you. These scammers are good at conducting ‘boiler-room’ sales to convert innocent investors into their customers.

It is foolish to send your money to an unknown person or company; you will only be taking a risk with your hard-earned money. Don’t ever believe in these stories as you will only be handing over your money to scammers and not to brokers.

MaxCryptoTrades work with rascal/rogue brokers who will reject your withdrawal request on some pretext or the other.

Max Crypto Trade scammers and brokers have a special arrangement among themselves. They split profits once they finish squeezing you. This is one of the main reasons why MaxCryptoTrades is free in the first place. No sooner do you deposit funds in your account, than your balance reduces to zero. The two parties split the profit and you cry foul.

The testimonials are all ‘made up’ to increase their credibility in the market. The photos that the company is using are stock photos from Pixabay, Freepik, Pexels, or other sites. All the photos in the testimonials are from a period earlier than July 2017, when the company never existed.

MaxCryptoTrade Review: Facebook page

Checking out their Facebook page we noticed there is a screenshot instead of a link back to their Facebook fan page. In other words, the Facebook fan page does not exist. The scammers did good graphic work to come up with that screenshot.

What you see is fake social media hype. No one has discussed the software; people/investors/traders may be only lamenting how they got scammed by this website.

MaxCryptoTrade Review: Fake endorsements

The website claims that its robot was voted to be the best trading system in 2016. After investigation, we did not find where and when this so-called voting took place, and MaxCryptoTrades was nominated and selected.

They claim their robot was endorsed and featured by several reputed sites in this industry. The sites were Snipe the Trade, Investoo, and Invezz. Reviewing Snipe the Trade website we found it was a scam.

Sometimes someone gets an opportunity to guest-blog their products/services on some of the sites, which does not mean those sites, is endorsing or recommending your product or services. You are just ‘guest-blogging’ on those sites.

How Broker Complaint can help you?

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