PrimeInv Review

PrimeInv Review

Read the complete PrimeInv review to know why is it good to avoid this broker.


Address: Estonia

Warned By: Not Recommended By Review Website Like Brokers Complaint

PrimeInv Review: Introduction


Prime Invest is one more unlicensed broker one should avoid. The broker is not authorized in any way and brings nothing worth to any financial backer. The broker has many things in common, like any other offshore broker, for example – high charges, an absence of transparency, and a toxic bonus strategy. All these things make it a horrible organization to entrust with your cash. 


We do not advise any trader to invest a penny with PrimeInv. Instead, we advise you to read a full PrimeInv review and keep yourself safe from the PrimeInv scam. We have explained the scam activities done by Primeinv in this review.


PrimeInv Review: Regulation Status


Prime Invest isn’t authorized in any way, which makes this broker a suspect of a scam. A license is an assurance there is somebody to consider responsible for the wrongdoings of a broker. PrimeInv doesn’t share any information about who owns the organization or from where! All these things imply that the firm simply takes your cash and passes on you with no real way to battle that. 


PrimeInv Review: Trading Condition


PrimeInv gives admittance to some deficient with regards to exchanging conditions, most remarkably by having spreads as high as 3 pips on FX majors like the EURUSD, when genuine firms these days keep their spreads around 1 pip.


Moreover, Prime Invest’s influence is excessively high, which is also a matter of concern while trading with this broker.


PrimeInv Review: Deposit


PrimeInv just takes crypto installments. This is obscure as mysterious installments are preferred among tricksters. They are likewise not qualified for a chargeback, and that implies you should fight with the crazy withdrawal strategy of PrimeInv.

How to get your money back?


If you are a victim of a forex scam, cryptocurrency scam, binary scam, romance scam, pet scam, or any other scam, the main thing you should do is file a chargeback. VISA and MasterCard have a chargeback time of 540 days, giving clients a sizable amount of opportunity to attempt to get their cash back. 


Wire transfers are not as simple to secure, and the best counsel we can give you is to set up a repayment technique with the bank driving the exchanges. Whenever defrauded through a wire move, it’s ideal to change your account’s username and password.

You can also take the help of an online help platform like Brokers Complaint. Brokers Complaint can help you to file a complaint against a scammer and fight back to get your lost funds back. You will also get a free consultation here.


PrimeInv Review: Conclusion


Writing this PrimeInv review is delightful for us, and we desire to save many individuals from losing their money. We hope that our PrimeInv review has been useful to you. If you have any inquiries or if you are a victim of the PrimeInv scam, go ahead and file a complaint with us.


If you want to avoid such brokers, go through the list of scam brokers 2022 here.

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