Swiss Investment Review Review Review: Introduction

Just like every other scam broker would claim, claims to be the best in the market with a variety of trade options for its customers to choose from. With no information about the company’s whereabouts or even a decent update on its website with up-to-date trading applications, the company is no less than a big alert. If you are reading this review to find out whether it is a scam or not, read on till the end to get the answer.

Why we think is a potential scam

Are they regulated? does not even reveal where the company is located. In such a scenario, it is obvious that the company does not have a license or is regulated by any of the known top-tier regulators. Upon investigating the situation, it was clear that does not have a license from any of the regulations.

In order to make things worse for, we also realized that the company is blacklisted by one of the top-tier regulators around the world. The financial regulator of the UK – FCA, acronym for Financial Conduct Authority has issued a warning against

The regulation has stated in its warning that does not have a license from the FCA and if it is claiming so, it is a lie. FCA also has asked the citizens to stay away from and not to indulge in any investment or trading with this company.

What is the leverage offered by them?

The regulations advise the brokerage firms from limiting their leverage offerings to permissible to avoid the customers from falling into a debt trap. In many countries, the regulations have also put a cap on the leverage that can be offered to 1:30 and 1:50. In the case of, the company offers leverage up to 1:400 to their beloved customers. This is a clear red flag against leading to the possibility that is a scam. Review: Trading Software

The best trading software to be used in the market is MT4 and MT5. Most legitimate brokerage firms use this trading software as they have up-to-date trading accessories and applications that allow the customers to easier trading. However, does not use any of these. uses its own trading platform that is awfully slow and not at all updated. This poses the second flag in this review.

Do they have a withdrawal fee?

Yes, the fact that has a withdrawal fee yet again questions their legitimacy. charges $50 for bank transfers, $35 for credit card and debit card withdrawals, and $25 for other forms through which the customer can withdraw the money. Although this may not seem like a big amount at once, charging your customers every time they attempt to withdraw money is wrong.

Is a scam or legit?

According to our research, is a potential scam. The major fact which should be stopping you from investing with them is that FCA has blacklisted If you have been scammed by, make sure to fill the form and file a complaint with us.

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