World Markets Review

World Markets Review

Company Name: World Markets


Address: Henrik Ibsens, GT 90, 0255 Olso, NORWAY

Warned By: Financial Conduct Authority (United Kingdom)

World Markets is an investment company that claims to have offices in various countries. When you visit the website, it looks all good, but after some time, you released that there are major issues that make it suspicious to invest money in this platform. All the details of the contact person are missing from their website. Contact details of the owner are missing, and the information they displayed is fake. This is an indication that this trading platform is not secure, and the investor may lose all their money. It is confirmed by the regulatory authority that the World Markets is not legit as the broker is not authorized by them and does not provide any regulated license. This shows that it is an illegal trading platform that runs in many countries without any license. If you want to avoid the scams, read the complete World Markets Review.

World Markets Unproven Performance 

World Markets is shown a sheet that proves its past performance. They show an average monthly return on investment, but it is not true. Some details are also missing and the rest are deleted by the World Markets. This clearly shows that they are suspicious, and your investment is not safe.

Regulation Status 

All country provides a regulated license to their brokers. It is important for a broker that they have a regulated license, otherwise, they are not valid to run a trading platform or website. World Markets has an unregulated status that clearly defines that is involved in suspicious activity and not authorized by the warning authority.

World Markets awards

World Markets shows on its website are the numerous awards they had won. But, some awards can’t be confirmed because there are no legit links, and they seem to be fake.

Complaints against World Markets

It is an important point to check each complaint or review before trading on any platform. The public review helps you that the broker is legit or not. If the ratings or reviews are not good means your investment is not in a safe hand. There are many complaints filed against World Markets because they cheat people do forex scams.

Final Review

After persuing this review and reading other negative World Markets reviews it is clear that this broker is a scam.

World Markets is an unauthorized trading platform because superior authority has warned the public against it.  Brokers Complaint advises the investors not to invest their deposits in World Markets. They are the uncertified investment service provider and involve in a Forex scam. If you invest your money with them, they will not pay out withdrawals and will not respond to emails. Its performance cannot be confirmed, and the lies on its website are a red flag. If you are a victim of a World Markets scam, the Brokers Complaint Team helps you out with this situation of Fund Recovery. Submit your details in the complaint form, and we will help with a free consultation. Also, if you like to trade, please do it carefully. Brokers Complaint helps you to find a regulated and honest broker and warns against scam brokers. Always remember trading and investment come with a risk. Please invest carefully.

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Author: Brokers Complaint Reporter