X-TradeBrokers.com Review

X-TradeBrokers.com Review

Company Name: X-TradeBrokers

Website: www.x-tradebrokers.com

Address: UK (Poland and London)

Warned By: Portuguese Securities Market Commission



X-TradeBrokers is the UK (Poland and London) based online trading platform. The company was established in 2002. According to the broker’s website – they are the most trusted trading platform that provides the best online market solution. They also claim that they are leading and one of the largest stock exchange companies in the UK. The company provides 24 hours services and established its offices in 12 countries. Read more details in this X-TradeBrokers.com Review.


How does a scam broker work?


Unregulated brokers can contact people through several mediums, like social media, calls, and emails. They ask them to make an initial deposit and offer them to give a good return. If you get convinced by them, they will offer more great deals, by promising you to double your investment. But this is not true, it’s a scam, and they will steal all your money, and your account will be blocked. 


Is your broker legit?


Before investing in any trading platform, check whether your broker is legit or not? If you invest your money with an unauthorized broker, your funds are at high risk. That is why Brokers Complaintadvises the traders to check all the details of their websites before investing in them. If some details are missing or hidden by the company, means they are involved in a suspicious activity like forex scamsRemember all these points in your mind before investing in any trading platform.


Why can people not withdraw their funds?


If you want to withdraw your money, first submit a withdrawal request as soon as possible, as your investment is never safe with an unregulated broker. They will delay your withdrawal process for a long period, and after that, you will not be able to file a chargeback anymore. It is a trick used by scam brokers. After some time, you will get to know that they blocked your account, and you lost all your deposits.


Fund Recovery


If you are a victim of any scam and want to recover your money, This might be a chance to get your money back. Keep all the emails as proof that you have requested your money back but, they refuse to give it back. The next step is to perform a chargeback. Contact your bank and explain the entire scenario that you are a victim of a scam broker. The trading company is not regulated and does not allow money withdrawal. Brokers Complaint helps you in performing a chargeback case. 



Reviews and Feedback


Reviews and feedback are important points for all those people who invest or want to be investing in a trading company. If reviews and feedback are negative for any trading company, they are not safe, and your funds are at high risk.



After persuing this review and reading other negative X-TradeBrokers reviews it is clear that this broker is a scam.


BrokersComplaint advises people to check the company website and read all the documents before investing. Those companies that hold an unregulated status are not safe for trading. But if you are a victim, fill out a complaint form, and BrokersComplaint helps you to recover your fund.

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