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Bitcoin Scam



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Forex Trading Scam

It is exceptionally urgent to guarantee that you are trading with an authorized and trusted forex broker. You can partake in the forex trade market if you show interest and bring in genuine money. Do not put stock in everything on the web, as it is not an “earn money quickly” business regardless of the amount anybody portrays it. Read our Forex Trading Reviews here and then decide with which broker to trade.

Cryptocurrency Scam

There is an immense change in the cryptocurrency market. The sort of effect it is facing on trade inspires numerous comparable opinions. As the consideration of retail financial backers, examiners, and different institutional financial backers keeps on moving in the rewarding digital money markets, so too does the observation of cheats and scammers.

Given the remarkable ascent in crypto scams, attention to the sorts of things you can do to shield yourself from being scammed is a higher priority than at any other time.

Binary Trading Scam

A significant part of the binary choices market works through web-based exchanging platforms that might be participating in criminal behavior or not consenting to appropriate administrative prerequisites. Financial backers ought to know about false advancement plans like binary choices and trading platforms.

If you have a query concerning the importance of the specific rule or law, kindly talk to our specialists for consultation.

Romance Scam

In search of meeting somebody, many individuals go to internet dating applications or informal communication. But, rather than observing sentiment, they meet frauds who try to fool them. Contact us if you got defrauded by a romance scam broker and keep yourself away from a scam.

Pension Scam

In a pension scam, scammers attempt to convince individuals to move their whole benefits investment funds or let assets out of it. They make alluring sounding guarantees they do not expect keeping. The pension is frequently puts resources into surprising, high-hazard ventures like abroad property.

Many brokers are not trustworthy. Consequently, there are endless chances of being defrauded. Also, there are limited trusted funds recovering services. Thus, Brokers Complaint is extremely glad to introduce us as a helping hand to guide and assist you against scam brokers.

Look at our Scam Brokers List 2022 to guarantee your security in your trading interaction by trying not to work with scammers. In any case, that you have effectively succumbed to misrepresentation, reach us today for a consultation.

Trading Broker Scams

Fraud is everywhere. From thoroughly planned scams to scams which include clones of regulated firms, people unknowingly fall into many scams. In order to bring a halt to the years of scamming, financial watchdogs like ourselves work every day to bring the scam brokers into notice and help the scammed victim with the fund recovery. Forex Scammers might not necessarily be a whole company with fully functioning individuals involved in the scam, it might just be one person pretending to be the whole firm. These scammers, with the help of the internet, are successful in scamming hundreds of people every year. In this review, we will be giving you some examples of the common types of brokers. Read the full review to know how you can save yourself from the grips of a brutal scam.

Fly by night scam brokers

This type of broker is the most common in the industry as it does not require much effort on the behalf of the brokers. In such types of scams, the scammers will create an attractive-looking website and convince the people to invest money quickly to earn huge profits. These websites often have psychological tricks and time pressure which makes the customer think if they don’t invest now, they might suffer a loss. After collecting a lot of money from the customers, the scammers close the website. 

 Strategic brokers

These kinds of scammers create many more plans and strategies in order to trap the victims. They create their own websites and make it look like just another regulated brokerage firm. Then, with the help of techniques such as cold calls, spam emails, etc. they convince the traders into investing with their firm and run a few fake trades to make them believe that the firm is real. With time, these brokers start creating impossible trading conditions that bind the traders investing in the firm to lose money.

Pyramid Schemes

Pyramid schemes are yet another common type of scam, In such situations, the scammer claims to be a legit brokerage firm working to help the customers in earning profits but in reality, the scammer takes money from the new customers and give it to the older customers as profit thereby trapping them in a vicious circle. 

How can you identify these forex scammers?

Upon reading about these above-stated scammers, we know you might be scared of entering the forex trading market. However, there is nothing to worry about! We are here to help you out. Read the pointers below and know how you can also identify the forex scammers.

  • These scammers promise you high profits no matter what the market conditions are
  • They claim that the market has no risks.
  • These scammers are unregulated and lie about their licenses most of the time.
  • They use time-bound limitations to make the customer pay quickly.
  • They provide trading platforms that may not be known or are cheap replicas that they have made themselves. 
  • You will be able to find several copied and fake ratings on the internet
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Unicofx review

Did a Forex, Crypto or any fraud broker scam you? You have options to get back your lost money. Fill this short consultation form. We

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